tech support

The Tech Support Debacle

If you’ve ever called tech support then you know how frustrating it can be. The hold times, the robotic-sounding automated systems that don’t make sense, getting transferred from person to person to person or the representatives who don’t speak your language. We all want to believe in a world where a call for technological support will bring quick answers, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make those hold times easier, find an actual human to speak to and get your problems resolved without wasting your precious time.

Companies Actually Realize How Awful They Are

This is going to sound crazy, but many of the worst-rated customer service companies actually know how terrible they’re doing. A survey conducted by ICMI (The International Customer Management Institute) found that 92% of managers in the customer service business admitted their employees could be far more efficient. Another shocking statistic: 74% said their company has procedures that are making it more difficult for their employees to get their job done in a satisfactory manner. Knowing all of this is beneficial because it gives you an idea of the battle you are about to face if you choose to call a tech support phone number. The keyword there is if you choose. Yes, there are other ways to get the help you’re looking for. One of the most popular is directly through a business’ social media page, their website or via email. Many companies will contact you within a few hours and you can get other things done or spend time with your family with your feet up while you wait.

Cost Per Contact Models

Many companies these days are using what are known as ‘cost-per-contact models’, which are limiting the amount of time their employees are allowed to spend on each call. These stats affect the employee’s pay and reputation within their company. For this reason, it’s best to always call with a plan. Know what to say and how to say it to the best of your knowledge. You’ll thank yourself later.

Don’t Let ‘Tech Support Rage’ Take Over

Customer service reps are just people too. They have mature moments and moments they wouldn’t want their mother to hear about. Since your technology is in their hands, along with your time, it’s a good idea to try your best to keep your cool when talking to them. You may have heard the saying ‘the nice guy finishes last’ but in this case, the opposite is true. Tech representatives have been known to ‘accidentally’ hang up on people who they felt were crossing the line. They will often pretend to be transferring you to a supervisor, leave notes on your account that you’re being aggressive, and pass you on to the next person who isn’t going to want to deal with you either. A little patience will go much further than showing your frustration and calling out offensive slurs.

Bypass Those Horrendous Hold Times

I’m sure many of you have used the feature some businesses provide that allows you to stay in a queue and receive a call back when you’re first in line. While this is a wonderful option, a lot of companies don’t yet have the feature. When this happens, check out Fast Customer. It will actually wait on hold for you so you don’t have to waste your time.

Where Have All The Humans Gone?

Automated systems. Enough said. We promise, there is a way around them, and it’s not as difficult as you’d think. One trick is to press ‘0’ when the system begins to give you options. This is going to get you directly to a customer service rep in most cases. You can also use to find your way to a rep asap. They also list  service center addresses, phone numbers and emails to help you get hold of a real human.

What We’ve Gathered

To sum things up, it’s best to be prepared and educate yourself as much as possible before making that support call. Remember a few things: prepare your questions, treat your rep as you would like to be treated, be polite and patient, and be prepared for hold times if you plan to call a technological support company directly. This should save you not only time, but your sanity as well.